Disclaimer and data use policy

The data presented on strandings and observations on this site have been gathered by MUMM/RBINS with the assistance of many persons and institutes and originate from many sources. These sources include primarily instances as the Vogellijn, institutes and organisations such as VLIZ, SeaLife, VOC and web sites such as www.waarnemingen.be, www.zeezoogdieren.org, www.trektellen.nl.

A low number of records are included from outside Belgium, in cases where a link with Belgium exists, such as for seals taken to the SeaLife rehabilitation centre at Blankenberge, or marine mammals autopsied in collaboration with Belgian scientists. The completeness of the data online cannot be guaranteed and the data are subject to change. Please consult BMDC for use in official reporting or publications.

The user explicitly marks his/her consent to our data access rules:

It is the user's onus to obey these rules. The Belgian State, represented either by the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences or by the Federal Science Policy, reserves the right to take any action, even in court, when there is evidence that these rules are infringed.

For more information, please consult the BMDC Data Policy on http://www.mumm.ac.be/datacentre/Documentation/datapolicy.php or contact the BMDC bmdc@naturalsciences.be.